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The annual Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development is part of the information dissemination and regional awareness component of CTO’s Strategy for Sustainable Tourism.  It looks at how member states can design and implement sustainable tourism policies and programmes offering a regional forum for information exchange on the successes and pitfalls of national, regional and international initiatives. Organized by the CTO, it has evolved from the Caribbean Ecotourism Conference held from 1991 to 1996.

“Keeping the Right Balance” is the overall theme of our sustainable tourism conferences, acknowledging that the sustainability of tourism in the Caribbean requires proper co-ordination and the co-operation of all stakeholders, and recognizing the need to maintain the balance between economic, environmental and socio-cultural development.

This year’s conference themed:  Keeping the Right Balance: Tourism Development in an Era of Diversification comes amidst an intensified thrust to develop the Caribbean more sustainably.   


With the latest United Nations report painting a grim picture of the earth’s natural life support systems, Caribbean destinations need to find development models that lean heavily towards destination sustainability. Greater attention must be placed on the way our destinations are planned, managed and marketed, and we must develop sustainability frameworks and strategies that facilitate innovations to address urgent matters such as climate risk, waste reduction, community involvement and the so-called internet of things. There is an urgent need for the region to be transformational, disruptive, and regenerative.

According to the UN Global Assessment Report, coral reefs are flickering out beneath the oceans, rainforests are desiccating into savannahs, natural ecosystems have lost about half their area and nature is being destroyed at a rate that is tens to hundreds of times higher than the average over the last 10 million years.
These are some of the issues to be discussed at the 2019 Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development, more commonly known as the Sustainable Tourism Conference (STC), in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. STC 2019 comes at a time when there is tremendous pressure on Caribbean economies to respond to changes that are impacting the business of tourism.

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The Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Caribbean Conference on Sustainable (STC) 2019, will be hosted in St. Vincent and the Grenadines amidst an intensified national thrust to make the country more sustainable.

Several initiatives geared towards a greener, more climate resilient country have been initiated by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and local NGOs. Among these are the construction of a geothermal plant on St. Vincent to complement the country’s hydro and solar energy capacity and the restoration of the Ashton Lagoon on Union Island. These approaches aid in maintaining St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ reputation as an unspoilt destination.

STC 2019 is a fantastic opportunity to visit our shores! Book your stay at one of our boutique hotels or retreat to one of our island resorts.

Let our warm Vincy People pamper you and your family, as St. Vincent and the Grenadines has what it takes to satisfy every soul! The Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority look forward to warmly welcoming you to “the Caribbean you’re looking for”.


The Caribbean You're Looking For

The diversity of our multi-island destination of 32 island and cays is indeed "The Caribbean You're Looking For"Featuring additional content by: Jeremie Tronet, Fiyah King, Canyon Duncan, and Aerial Norway

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What Past Attendees Liked About the Conference

The interaction between all representatives of member states who are directly involved in Sustainable Tourism. I also appreciated the workshop on communicating sustainability…

Vashti Ramsey-Casimir, Ministry of Tourism, Antigua & Barbuda

The opportunity of networking and sharing gathered information and the aspect of hearing from the hurricane hit islands.

Edris, St Eustatius government

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The Climate Smart Sustainable Tourism Forum has ended. View the Forum presentations, photos and videos at the links below. 


View presentations

  1. Leading The Way – Destination St. Kitts
  2. Tourism Resiliency through Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation
  3. Innovative Models & Best Practices in Sustainable Tourism
  4. Leading the Way – CTO in Action
  5. S.M.A.R.T Destinations: Using Climate as an Opportunity
  6. Tourism Recovery Roundtable
  7. Climate and Disaster Management
  8. Communicating Sustainability Workshop – To Be Supplied
  9. Sustainable Tourism Enterprise Model – To Be Supplied


  1. Opening Reception
  2. Keynote Address & Day 1 Sessions
  3. Day 2 Sessions:
  4. Awards Dinner
  5. CTO-CDB Strategic Consultations
  6. St. Kitts Delegate Tours:


View videos.

  1. Keynote Speaker Presentation
  2. Interview Highlights Compilation – Day 1
  3. Interview Highlights Compilation – Day 2
  4. Individual Delegate Interviews
  5. Forum Opening Ceremony

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