Host Country

Grenada, the spice of the Caribbean, is a Tri-island nation comprising Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, which has gained renown for its unspoilt natural beauty. This enticing gem, which also offers a rich cultural heritage, delectable cuisine and a world class yachting and dive sector is the host of the Caribbean’s Sustainable Tourism Conference (STC) 2024.

Grenada’s tourism product embraces socially and environmentally responsible development, which is epitomized by market positioning under the ‘Pure Grenada’ brand. This underpins Grenada’s tourism development efforts and marketing focus, positioning the Tri-island nation as “off-the-beaten path,” and a haven for the discerning travel explorer. The three destinations of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique encapsulate everything that is authentic, untouched and undiscovered, in essence – Pure.

Grenada is an eco-tourism paradise that offers pure Caribbean adventure – hiking, diving, beaches, waterfalls, mountains, forests, and much more. Grenada’s unspoiled landscapes appeal to adventure seekers, nature lovers, beach dwellers, families seeking fun and adventure, couples looking for romantic getaways or destination weddings, or busy, stressed out, hardworking people in search of escape and relaxation. Immerse yourself in Grenada’s natural beauty – lush rain forests, verdant mountains, white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Be amazed by Grenada’s French, Spanish, British, Amerindian, African and East Indian influences, which create an enticing tapestry defining the cultural heritage and modern lifestyle.

The STC will be held from April 22-24, 2024, on the cusp of the 10-year anniversary of the ‘Pure Grenada’ brand which was launched in February 2014. The conference also coincides with Earth Day celebrated April 22 ever year.

The tri-island state offers an extraordinary destination that promises a lifetime of cherished memories and enriching experiences.