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Day 1
26 Aug 2019
Day 2
27 Aug 2019
Day 3
28 Aug 2019
Day 4
29 Aug 2019
Day 5
30 Aug 2019

STTC Meet and Greet Breakfast Meeting

STTC Meet and Greet Breakfast Meeting

CBT Masterclass

Community Based Tourism Master Class at Hotel Alexandria.

Host Country Media Breakfast Press Conference

Host Country Media Breakfast Press Conference

Media Tours

Destination tour for Media, CTO Staff and select others.

Welcome Reception

For all delegates. Venue: Pool Area, Sunset Shores

Opening Ceremony

Facilities briefing and Opening Ceremony CTO Ag. Secretary General SVG Official Forum Anchor – Faylene Scrubb-King, COO, St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority.

Keynote Address

Keynote address – Setting the Context  
elizabeth thompson
Ambassador H. Elizabeth Thompson

General Session I – Development Models for Social Integration

This session takes a practical look at working models that successfully merge tourism development with livelihood creation and eco-conscious destination management. It will introduce the idea of social entrepreneurship as...
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gabrielle stowell
Gabriella Stowell
Hayden Billingy
tasheka haynes bobb
Tasheka Haynes Bobb
K’adamawe K’nife
Dr. K’adamawe K’Nife
11:00 - 11:30

Coffee Break & Exhibition Viewing

General Session II – Community Based Tourism – Driving Innovations & Experiences

As the Caribbean continues its push for inclusive tourism development, the need for product diversification and differentiation that enhances community participation and benefit is of utmost importance in creating a...
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Julia Fillingame
Kennedy Pemberton
Annie Bertrand
judy karwacki
Judy Karwacki

Luncheon – All Delegates

General Session III – Host Country Showcase – GetLit in SVG – Destination St. Vincent and the Grenadines

This session is an opportunity for the host country to share its sustainability story, showcase the diversity of its tourism product and experiences and illustrate its unique selling point, as...
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15:15 - 15:30

Coffee Break – 2

General Session IV: Indigenous Conversations – Celebrating our Past, Embracing our Future

This session takes a look at the changing composition of local livelihoods, and recognizes that the region’s indigenous people have a tangible role and stake in our tourism value chain....
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Rudolph Edwards
Uwahnie Martinez
Uwahnie Martinez
marcia douglas
Colonel Marcia ‘Kim’ Douglas
Zoila Ellis Browne
cris cal belize maya
Cristobal Cal

Working Group Activity – 1

Discuss in Groups and Develop a Pledge for each of the Session Topics/ Thematic areas for STC 2019 The pledge should seek to capture the essence of an ideal Caribbean...
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17:00 - 20:00

Free Evening for All Delegates

All day Study Tours with Luncheon

All day Study Tours with luncheon.

Free Evening For All Delegates

Free Evening for All Delegates.

General Session V – The Caring Economy: People, Planet and Profits

The core of sustainability is an equitable balance between the needs of our society, our environment and our economy, a relationship which must be honoured and respected if true Caribbean...
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Joy director general bahamas
Joy Jibrilu
gail henry
Gail Henry
paloma zapata
Paloma Zapata
seleni matus
Seleni Matus
09:50 - 10:45

Coffee Break & Exhibition Viewing

General Session VI – Transformation for Tourism Evolution

We live in an age where significant advantages come from adaptive innovations and the creative use of market disruptions. Notably, local tourism players are largely categorized as micro, small and...
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Maria Fowell
Kieran Omar
Kieran St Omer
12:00 - 13:15

Luncheon – All Delegates

General Session VII – Conservation Matters, Nurturing Our Nature

The Caribbean is known for the diversity of its assets including pristine natural environments, a plethora of endemic flora, fauna and coral species and spectacular landscapes, which are the foundation...
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vincent sweeny
Vincent Sweeney
Orisha Joseph
Dr. Alex Brylske

Working Group Activity – 2

Discuss in Groups and Develop a Pledge for each of the Session Topics | Thematic areas for STC 2019 The pledge should seek to capture the essence of an ideal...
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15:30 - 15:45

Coffee break – 4

General Session VIII – Stakeholders Speak Out

An open forum where delegates can share their views, ventilate ideas and discuss disruptions, issues and trends reshaping the tourism industry. Possible ‘Hot Button’ issues include: (a) Over-tourism vs the...
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glen beache
Glen Beache
Amanda Charles
lisa indar
Dr. Lisa Indar
17:15 - 17:30

Conference Wrap Up

Closing Function – All Delegates: CTO Sustainable Tourism Awards Presentation 2019

These Awards are aimed at identifying and showcasing Sustainable Tourism Good Practices in the Caribbean. The awards recognize individuals, groups, organizations or companies in any of the Caribbean Tourism Organization...
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Post Conference Tour – optional

Post Conference Tour – optional.