General Session III – Destination Grenada

General Session III – Destination Grenada

Indigenous Excellence – Championing Community, Country and Congruence with Destination Grenada

As Grenada celebrates 50 years of Independence in 2024, this session aims to highlight the modern Indigenous Excellence that the nation has produced through public and private partnership.

Particular emphasis will be placed on discussing key intrinsic features and tools that have improved strategic outreach to the diaspora and prioritizing the organic DNA and intangible identity of Grenada as a destination product.

With a community tourism focus, the panel also espouses the importance of collaboration with like-minded brands and boutique personalities in the face of challenges to strengthen the unique visitor profile and amplify national ambassadorship that is authentic, pure and immersive.

This session offers a captivating exploration of Grenada’s unique attractions, cultural richness, and sustainable tourism initiatives. With its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and commitment to responsible tourism practices, Grenada epitomizes the essence of sustainable tourism in the Caribbean region.

This session will provide attendees with a taste of Grenada as a sustainable tourism destination, showcasing its diverse attractions, community-based tourism projects, and conservation efforts, balancing tourism development with environmental preservation and socio-cultural authenticity.