Kitaka Mawuto

CEO, Elevate Media


Kitaka Mawuto, CEO of Elevate Media, specializes in transformative communication for sectors ranging from government, nonprofit, tech, creative, and wellness sector, with a career spanning over 10 years. He advocates for sustainability and community empowerment.

Kitaka is recognized for his strategic insight, particularly in youth development, communication, and sustainable tourism, and supports innovative media solutions for the creative industries.

At the Caribbean Tourism Organization Sustainable Tourism Conference 2024, Kitaka will discuss the integration of purpose and passion in sustainable travel, leveraging his expertise in strategic storytelling and marketing to promote responsible tourism practices. His collaboration with influencers like Ras Ginga highlights his commitment to sustainable living and the preservation of cultural and environmental values in Caribbean tourism. Kitaka’s role at the conference underscores his dedication to fostering a sustainable tourism legacy that benefits both the planet and its communities.

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General Session V: Purpose

Radisson Grenada