Melnecia Marshall

Deputy CEO, St. Kitts Tourism Authority

Melnecia Marshall

Deputy CEO, St. Kitts Tourism Authority


With over 16 years of senior executive experience, Mrs. Marshall is an exemplary leader known for her transformative style and unwavering dedication to the tourism industry. Her passion for sustainability and meticulous strategic approach are abundantly clear as she continuously strives to preserve the rich cultural heritage while promoting the delivery of authentic and unforgettable visitor experiences.

Mrs. Marshall’s journey in the tourism sector began as an educator at both secondary and tertiary levels before joining the St. Kitts Tourism Authority in 2007. Initially starting as a Marketing Associate, she actively represented the destination at numerous international trade shows and promotional events across key source markets such as the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Throughout her tenure, Mrs. Marshall’s unparalleled commitment propelled her into positions of increasing responsibility, including Marketing Support Manager and Product Development Manager. In her most recent role as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, she continues to play a vital role in shaping St. Kitts as a premier tourism destination.

As Product Development Manager, Mrs. Marshall spearheaded the introduction of industry-wide standards, enhancing various tourism sectors and improving the overall visitor experience for both stay-over and cruise tourists. She has also been instrumental in licensing, inspections, and training sessions. Alongside this, she also contributed to policy development and capacity building while serving on both the National Transport and CARICOM Skilled Certificate Boards.

Notably, Mrs. Marshall demonstrated exceptional resilience and innovation during the COVID-19 pandemic. She took a leadership role in drafting, implementing, and enforcing the ‘Travel Approved’ Health and Safety protocols, which facilitated the safe reopening of the tourism sector in St. Kitts.

She continues to use her voice and expertise to ensure that our tourism industry shifts into a more sustainable era.

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