Michael Russek



Michael Russek holds 25 years of design and fabrication expertise, collaborating with esteemed brands such as eBay, PayPal, Tesla, Hurley, and Panasonic. His proficiency extends to production and manufacturing, where he offers consultancy services for SOP implementation and operational optimization.

In the past five years, Michael has honed his focus on utilizing processed recycled plastic collected from rivers and beaches. He has meticulously studied its limitations and capabilities, pushing the boundaries of its applications. His innovative work includes the creation of outdoor public art, furniture, and various products from recycled plastic.

Additionally, Michael has designed work for renowned artists such as Futura 2000 and created numerous products and murals for The Body Shop, as well as for the non-profit Sungai Watch, dedicated to cleaning the rivers of Indonesia. Furthermore, he has used recycled plastic for personal sculptures and custom projects like DJ booths for clients.

All session by Michael Russek

General Session I: Planet

10:30 - 11:45
Radisson Grenada