Richard Young

Creative Director, Producer, Copywriter and Prolific Impresario
richard young

Richard Young

Creative Director, Producer, Copywriter and Prolific Impresario


Richard Young is a prolific impresario with a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years of consistent high caliber event management, production design, creative direction practice under his belt.

He has become a much sought after creative strategist in the region and the Diaspora, more so with his avid advocacy of our Caribbean aesthetic. This philosophy guides his extraordinary conceptualization which has attracted regional governments and corporate Caribbean to commission him to craft monumental events and festivals – fashion weeks national/regional pageants, television productions, magazine talk shows and motivational seminars fortifying creative entrepreneurship missions and human development mandates throughout the English/Dutch/Spanish/French Caribbean with stints in Montreal, Toronto New York, Massachusetts, Miami.

His portfolio as creative director of staple fashion/creative industry showcases in the region and the Diaspora has become legendary as well as his pageant production prowess with his amazing track record on adjudication panels for model/beauty competitions being unmatched.

Further, he has mastered storytelling with a Caribbean genius and has been placed on several international panels to champion the Caribbean best-practice methodologies in innovative creative practice and dynamic event making with anecdotal production design. His competency as a moderator/facilitator for discussions/panels has also become a superlative addition to his armour of artistic expression steeped in Caribbean pride and regional prestige.

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General Session II: People

11:45 - 13:00
Radisson Grenada